The envisaged products/results are the following, to be delivered in English plus all languages of the partnership:

Evidence based research on training needs/opportunities for luxury segment;   EN    PT    ES    FR    IT    CZ   
The profile "Footwear Manufacturing/tailor-made/ Technician" improved and adapted for the Luxury segment;   EN    PT    ES    FR    IT    CZ   
Programme and Compilation of the training units for the Luxury footwear manufacturing skills/competences development, based on Learning Outcomes;   EN    PT    ES    FR    IT    CZ   
Compilation of Learning contents consisting in written contents and evaluation and consolidation instruments, respecting most used standards for e-learning and the philosophy of "micro learning" intercalating different types of contents in the same learning unit in order to promote the effectiveness of the learning  
Manual/guidelines for coaches/trainers/teachers   EN    PT    ES    FR    IT    CZ   
Piloting Package - Virtual classroom, Report on piloting, prototypes and business plans   Full version EN    EN    PT    ES    FR    IT    CZ   
Valorisation Plan - Dissemination and Exploitation and Future Progress and Sustainability   Project Valorisation Plan    Final Report on Project Valorisation   
Living document for the recognition, validation and certification of the updated profile and training at National and European level   Full version EN    EN    PT    ES    FR    IT    CZ   
Valorisation workshops in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Czech Republic for target-groups and stakeholders  
Final conference in the international shoe fair theMICAM, Milan, Italy, with national and international participants.  
Quality Assurance Plan and Project Evaluation System & Reporting   quality assurance plan EN    1rd evaluarion report final EN    2rd evaluarion report final EN    3rd evaluarion report final EN