• The project aims at strengthening the high-end footwear production across Europe taking into consideration the specificities of this product category, while promoting the entrepreneurship of new talent designers and the development of a new generation of high-skilled manufacturers, oriented to high-end products.

    The project specific objectives are the following:
    -To development an innovative and flexible ICT based training on footwear manufacturing, entrepreneurship, marketing/commercialization, start-up business management, among others, supported by a b-learning model, targeted to a wide range of groups VET students, new talented designers, footwear workers/technicians, new entrepreneurs in the field of Footwear - as a mean to cope with the lack of skills/competences in the field of high-end (luxury) footwear manufacturing in Europe;

    -To update, review and disseminate the occupational profile Footwear Manufacturing/Tailor-made Technician and correspondent training, according to the presuppositions of ECVET (promoting the take-up of practices across Europe) ;

    -To provide flexible training in order to bridge the gap of high quality footwear manufacturing skills in these target groups, enhancing the development of key-skills/competencies in the footwear sector, namely basic skills, the most traditional and cared techniques - and transversal skills such as entrepreneurship, digital skills, and others;

    -To enhance employability of designers/modellers, single entrepreneurs in the field of Footwear;

    -To foster entrepreneurship of new talent designers across Europe by providing a training, which will complement their skills/competences in terms of manufacturing and allow them to produce their own prototypes and Tailor-made shoes.
  • -To increase the investment in design/modelling vocational education training made by many countries in Europe with tradition in Footwear;

    -To promote and support the transmission of knowledge from the high-end SMEs and micro companies, already working in the luxury segment, through the training of the persons, who can absorb their knowledge and maintain their business.

    -To strengthen the luxury footwear cluster in Europe by the entrance of new players (new talent entrepreneurs in the field of design and tailor-made) and in a long-term view, micro companies/ateliers dedicated to luxury exclusive product.

    - To increase the added value of the European footwear

    -To enhance the e-commerce based business models, since this is the most likely marketing/commercialization model to be used in this context;

    -To valorise and transfer across Europe the profile and qualification Footwear Manufacturing/Tailor-made Technician designed and recognized/validated in Portugal under the Fashion Industries Council for VET.

    -To provide visibility to a professional profile that exists, but which is normally confused with crafts and for that reason it is difficult to be considered as an occupation (even inside ESCO project the discussion remains).

    -To increase the cooperation among entities across Europe in the field of Footwear and VET.