• Footwear and leather goods include a variety of product from commodities to specialised products and finally to luxury products, exclusive and unique, being much more than high quality goods, responding to the most distinctive and capricious niches of market all over the world.

    In the same way that exclusive and high-end products such as Rolls Royce and Bentley's cars, or some of the most traditional Swiss watches are completely handmade rather than assembled in line, high quality, luxury and exclusive footwear is also totally handmade.

    Consumers from around the world recognise Europe as the reference of luxury footwear manufacturing, and not only European luxury footwear worldwide sales show a constant increase despite the current economic crisis, but also sales in Europe continue increasing, where third country tourists make a significant contribution.

    To maintain and spread around the continent, its first ranking position in the production of high-end footwear, the industry needs to work on a complementary strategy focused in the
  • differentiation, details, sophistication, exclusivity and image, which includes a B2C attentive model of marketing and commercialization targeted to such group of consumers.

    The success of this strategy includes different factors such as high quality materials and components, innovative design, but the most important relies on the development of a very target-oriented skills and competences capacity of the manufacturers.

    The project envisages at maintaining and strengthening the high-end footwear production across Europe, promoting the entrepreneurship of new talent designers and the development of a new generation of high-skilled manufacturers, oriented to high-end products through the creation and development of innovative vocational training, targeted to a wide range of groups - VET students, new talented designers, footwear workers/technicians, new entrepreneurs in the field of Footwear.