• Gucci invests: 900 hires and a supplier portal where they can run

    2017-07-29 | La conceria
      The record numbers for Gucci continue, which, as announced, closed the first half of the year with a growth of + 43%. What better time to invest in staff? This is how the president and CEO of the Florentine Maison, Marco Bizzarri, thinks, who announced the recruitment of another 900 people by 2018. "We are looking for people with exceptional professional skills to work on what we are doing to become the model organization of the luxury sector," he explains in an interview with Corriere Fiorentino. The research involves industrial production workers with different positions and specialisations, from apprentices to production controllers, as well as prototype designers, model makers, assemblers, mechanics and leather researchers.

      The brand aims to locate the candidates with an innovative system: the supplier portal, which is active since the end of the month, in which handicrafts and leather crafts can submit their candidatures. "Investing in territory and people in a concrete way quickly: it is the best answer we can give to those who ask us how to make the success of the last two and a half years sustainable even from an industrial point of view," concludes Bizzarri. (Mvg)