• Luxury Brands Find Relief in Footwear

    2017-05-29 |
      Despite a rocky overall year for the retail sector, the footwear industry served as a shining light for high-end designers in need of a boost in sales.

      The Wall Street Journal reported that fashion houses like Chanel, Prada, Gucci and Bottega Veneta all found relief in sales by focusing on footwear, through dedicated shoe stores and repositioning shoes toward the front of larger stores and in plum spots in windows.

      Over the last two years, WSJ reported that footwear sales rose 23 percent, greater than the growth of leather goods (19 percent) and the overall luxury good market (15 percent) during the same period. And despite footwear comprising only 6 percent of the luxury market, shoe sales are expected to grow 5 percent annually over the next five years.

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