• Innovative training course for European luxury and high-end footwear

    2017-04-05 | ctcp


      Under the Erasmus+ project High-End Shoe - Innovative Training for Luxury Footwear Manufacturing (HES), the Portuguese Footwear Technology Centre (CTCP) organized short-term joint staff training event, that took place between 27th and 31st march in CTCP facilities in São João da Madeira, Portugal.

      Partners from Portugal, France, Spain, Czech Republic and Italy participated in a complete training event composed by workshops and visits prepared and promoted by CTCP, aiming at providing trainers and tutors with knowledge on how to make the best use of the course, from the trainers’ perspective, to potentiate the impact to the participants. The training also worked out coaching skills to enable the trainers to facilitate the workplace learning.
      During that week the participants also discussed about the contents of the courses and opportunities of improvement.

      The contents of the course were elaborated by the partners who contributed with their expertise, across all the manufacturing process, from the conception, design, and production to quality control, and expedition. The result is a complete and innovative course for High/end and luxury footwear manufacturing. 

      The next step will be to test the course mainly on-line, which will involve students from the mentioned five European countries. The practical part of the pilot will take place in Italy where 3 selected students from each country involved will be practicing during two weeks.

      The HES project aims at supporting and perpetuating the worldwide reputation of the European high-end and luxury footwear manufacturing, through the creation and development of an innovative ICT based vocational training course, articulated with workplace learning opportunities, targeted to a wide range of groups - VET students, new talented designers, footwear workers/technicians, and new entrepreneurs.

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